Album: Talking From the Hip (1987)

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Song: Talking From the Hip EP

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(by Greg Hohnholt)
Lapjaw was formed in 1986 with Craig Surgent (bass, guitar) from Autistic Behavior, Chuck Treece on drums (McRad), and Greg Hohnholt (bass, guitar). They started out playing primarily straight fast punk hardcore, but gradually evolved into a crossover hard rock/punk band with more varied tempos. Craig and Greg split off on guitar and bass, fronting songs they had composed playing guitar.

In July of 1987, they recorded "Talking from the HIp," a six song, 12' vinyl EP which was released in late August. Although it received several good reviews and was even played on John Peel's radio program, died a quick death due to lack of a distribution deal.

At the time Lapjaw broke up in 1988, they had enough rehearsed material for a full album which, unfortunately, never saw the light of day. Recently, the lost Autistic Behavior album, "Shattered Cattle," recorded in the early 80s, has been released, so I thought there might be some interest in Craig's subsequent work with Lapjaw.

I had preserved a rehearsal VHS tape of Lapjaw material, as well as a live gig we did at the Bacchanal in Philly, both from late 1987, but it is only recently that I have learned how to do video editing and audio restoration. All of this material will eventually be uploaded to my youtube channel, and I thought our friends from "across the pond" might want to check it out.